The Muyedobotongji Masterclass Cycle

“An Introduction To The Muyedobotongji”: A Five Part Master Class Series by Dr. Bok Kyu Choi.
The Korean Institute for Martial Arts (KIMA) and the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University present a series of five master classes on the ancient Korean martial arts manual.
In five consecutive lectures, Dr. Choi will disclose the nature of a book considered to be the key to understanding Korean Martial Arts history. In addition, the lectures will showcase the five most significant weapons found in the Muyetobodongji, each with a practical workshop.
Compiled in 1790, the Muyedobotongji represents Korean martial arts at its zenith and it exemplifies the synthesis of East Asian Martial Arts. Containing Korean, Japanese and Chinese martial arts in drawings as well as detailed descriptions, the Muyedobotongji provides insights into the character of Korean martial traditions through the prism of Korean culture and thought. Through this perspective we are guided to a deeper understanding of traditional martial arts and are provided directions to the development of Martial Arts in the future.  
Until now many people that were interested in this manual were unable to access the contents. Written in Classical Chinese, the Muyedobotongji presented a daunting language barrier. Furthermore, without knowledge of the very specific terminology and traditional martial theories required to decipher the content, the common result has been a myriad of misunderstandings and misconceptions regarding the field of traditional Korean Martial Arts.
With over 20 years of scholarship dedicated to its understanding, Dr. Choi is considered one of the authoritative scholars on the Muyedobotongji. He has published on this subject for the Ehwa University Press, Seoul National University Press and Korea’s national newspapers. Currently residing in the Netherlands, Dr. Choi’s 5 part series offers people with an interest in Korean martial arts a unique chance to study a true Martial Art classic in both a theoretical and a practical way. 
Dates 2009 / 2010:
MC 1: Sunday Sept. 27th       – Jedokgeom (Admiral’s sword)
MC 2: Sunday Oct. 25th        – Ssangsudo (Double handed sword)
MC 3: Sunday Nov. 15th        – Jangbong (Long staff)
MC 4: Sunday Jan. 17th         – Bongukgeom (Hwarang sword)
MC 5: Sunday March 14th       – Ssanggeom (Twin swords)