The Keimyung University Press published a copy of this book in 1999. Authored by Choi Gi-nam, a military official of the Joseon Dynasty, the Muyejebo Beonyeoksokjip is the sequel to the Muyejebo (Han Gyo, 1598), the first manual of martial arts of the Joseon.




The Muyejebo contains the 6 martial arts: Deungpae, Nangseon, Jangchang, Dangpa, Gongbong, and Jangdo. The Muyejebo Beonyeoksokjip contains Gwonbeop, Cheongryong Eonwoldo, Hyeopdogon and Waegeom. It additionally contains strategic information on Japan such as the history of Japan, Japanese ships, Japanese strategy and Japanese swords.



This manual provides invaluable information on how martial arts had been developed in ancient Korea. There’s only one single original copy left of this book in Korea, which was registered as a national treasure in 2001. It was found in 1998 in the Keimyung University library. The Keimyung University Press published reproductions in 1999.


Muyejebo Beonyeoksokjip(1610). 132 p l A4-size l ISBN-10 : 8975851796 l ISBN-13 : 9788975851797


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