A new, traditional style reproduction of the Muyedobotongji is now available. I’ve two copies here and I have to say it gets as close to the authentic book as possible. The original Muyedobotongji was printed in wood block print on Korean handmade paper using the traditional way of binding. This edition has a very authentic feel and it’s beautifully executed with the utmost care.


The Muyedobotongji (Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts) is the Korean traditional martial arts ‘bible’ representing significant ancient Asian martial arts heritage. This book was compiled in 1790 and it’s considered as the root of modern Korean martial arts.
The Muyedobotongji consists of five volumes.






 Legend, an overview of weapons, profiles of Qi Jiguang (author of Jixiao xinshu) and Mao Yuanyi (author of Wubeizhi), Q&A on martial techniques, bibliography

Book I


 Long spear, long bamboo spear, flag spear, trident, thorny spear 

Book II


 Long sword, sharp sword, Japanese sword, combat engagement 

Book III


 Admiral's sword, Korean sword, double swords, double swords on horseback, crescent sword, crescent sword on horseback, pole sword, shield 

Book IV 


 Unarmed method, staff, flail, flail on horseback, polo, equestrian feats 

Version of Korean 

   Translation to Ancient Korean 
There are two editions available: one with a silk cover and the other with Korean paper cover. The Korean paper version comes in a traditional book case.



The Korean paper edition (five volumes in case) is USD 300,- / EUR 230,- while the silk cover edition (five volumes without case) is USD 200,- / EUR 150,-.
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